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Crush Dailies Inc., serves the Television & Film industry with solutions for tomorrows purpose, offering+ more mobility, software and a collection of talents, designed to provide Fast, Efficient & Secure Delivery in the final phases of your Production. We are gifted with a variety of knowledge to enrich Major Motion Picture & Studio Productions.

We offer exceptional wisdom, unique colour solutions & organized routines to further assist and supervise digital picture lock. Our process eliminates the risk in digital corruption of files and maximizes the value of your content during the process of digital distribution, offering more precision, flexibility & quality control for your project.

Agency ServicesFeature Film Services
Development Services

Finding intellectual property is something we're known for! Think you have what it takes? Trusted to work efficiently, creatively and professionally on your next project.

Pre-Production Services

We prepare a post-production workflow that helps you get to distribution, fast! Instantly review: dailies, scenes and additional out-takes from each production. Work with our staff to get you started before the first day of principal photography.

Production Services

Using Shaw150mb high-speed internet during production allows us to quickly establish better working conditions, backed by better web-reliability using CISCO Security. We provide digital workflow supervision, digital imaging and post-production management required by law to fulfill the needs of the production. Contact us for more information!

Post - Production

Studio render pipeline, VFX, voice-over, score, color grade, software & hardware. Everything you need to bring the creative into your project today!

Delivery Services

Supervision and content quality control allows us to maintain minimal adjusted costs throughout the final phases of production. We provide Picture Lock & Distribute Services you can depend on.

We offer high quality video optimization and fast data archival solutions.

Agency Strategy Planning

The purpose of our work is to ensure maximum audience engagement. We craft and deliver the creative execution that we believe can make a brand famous and visually captivating in the sea of communications clutter.

Agency Content Creation

Awaken your audience with the context of personal delivery with more motion graphics, positioning and reinforcement from editors that understand creative direction under the restriction of your budget.


We are producing, creative projects from development to delivery.

One of our technical producers will develop a deep understanding of your project, what you want out of your solution, how you want to engage and will contribute a content management plan that delivers results. Fast!

"We put our full trust in his creativity and he really ‘delivered’. We all loved the final product. We’ve now asked Joseph to be involved in a few more of our projects, and so far his work has surpassed our expectations. It’s always visually captivating and beautiful to watch.”

Manuel A. BernaschekPresident, Showcase Pianos

Major Motion Pictures, Studio Entertainment & Network Productions

These movies are part of our vision as well as our spirit in the industry we enjoy being a part of. Contact us for Post-Production on your next project, series, etc. - We're happy to help out!

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No matter what you are facing, we want to help you. Dedicated to providing a support system for your assurance, we deliver a reliable, fast, and helpful routine for the production requirements, you may have in mind. Let us guide you...

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